Spotify for Android TV is renewed with an updated distribution this week that changes in a significant way, and the better the user experience. The app has been completely redesigned , starting from the home screen that shows the background images are always different choices based on your musical preferences. Also change the navigation button located to the left of the interface in a section that integrates the following tabs: Home, the “Search” button, your library and your account Settings.

The renovation work done by the team of Spotify now makes the Android app for TV is even more similar to the version for smartphones and tablets, also updated recently.

The Home section now contains the last played songs and other suggestions based on musical tastes of the user. With the Search function it is now possible to selection options “Genres and moods” that were not previously available on the app for Android TV.

Other changes have concerned the Music Library: now you can access the Album and the Playlist played recently. By scrolling towards the bottom of the inside of the card is also a selection of songs daily and the radio stations recommended.

The update is already available on all Android devices TV.

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