Apple has extended the additional protection the AppleCare+ to the new Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro.

The Magic Keyboard is the keyboard with the trackpad that Apple has created for the iPad models Pro 2018 and 2020. The rates are 339€ for variant 11-inch and $ 399 for the version 12.9 inches. This is a cost not just, for a product that can really change your way of working with the iPad Pro.

Apple has decided to include this accessory in the additional warranty AppleCare+ for iPad Pro:

AppleCare+ is an insurance product that includes up to two years of technical assistance Apple1e cover hardware additional to the iPad, Apple Pencil and an Apple keyboard for the iPad; will also entitle you to two interventions for accidental damage, each at an additional cost of € 49 (for the iPad) or £ 29 (for Apple Pencil or the Apple keyboard for the iPad). The coverage begins from the date of purchase of AppleCare+.

By activating the AppleCare+ on the iPad Pro, if you damage your Magic Kayboard you can have it replaced at a cost of 29€, as confirmed by MacMagazine.

The problem is that you have to add AppleCare+ to your iPad Pro within 60 days of the purchase. If this is not a problem for those who have purchased an iPad Pro 2020, we must bear in mind that the Magic Keyboard is backward-compatible with the iPad Pro 2018. In practice, if you have an iPad, Pro 2018, and not disponevi already a AppleCare+, you will not be able to add the length of warranty and you can not therefore in any way cover the Magic Keyboard.

To recap:

  • AppleCare+ for iPad Pro protect your iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard, Magic Keyboard, and the Apple Pencil
  • The coverage must be added within 60 from the date of purchase of the iPad Pro
  • AppleCare+ for the iPad Pro costs 128€
  • The cost of repairing accidental damage on the iPad Pro is 49€
  • The cost of repairing accidental damage to Smart Keyboard, Magic Keyboard, and the Apple Pencil is 29€

More information is available on the official website.