YouTube for Android is now compatible with the Flex Mode of Galaxy Z Flip, the mode carried out in synergy with Google that allows you to split the long display into two independent displays by 4-inch each (you can see it at work in our full review).

Thanks to this new feature, you know the Korean company, all users of the second folding home Samsung have now the possibility to take advantage of the particular form factor of the Z-Flip to divide the user interface of YouTube in two different sections.

More specifically, the upper part of the display will be dedicated to the viewing of the video, while the lower one can be used to interact with the comments, view the related video, put a like and much more.

The app for YouTube that is optimized for the mode the Flex also ensures that, regardless of the aspect ratio of the video that you are watching, it will be possible to view it comfortably by adjusting the way in which the video is positioned in the upper half of the screen.
The video square with vertical fill almost all the space, while those in 16:9 format will adapt to the centre. But the compatibility mode Flex with YouTube was more than a simple update of the user experience.

The new version of YouTube optimized for Galaxy Z Flip is already available to download on the Play Store. The lucky owners of the folding Samsung will be able to download directly from the address below.

  • YouTube | Android | Google Play Store, Free
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is available online from Unieuro to 1,299 euros.
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is available on logo_ebay.png a 1,204 euros.
(update of April 22, 2020, at 10:52)