In the app of Google Home is finally on the distribution of a slider to manage the sensitivity to the wake-up command to the Assistant, “Hey Google” of the various smart devices. The function had already been promised in the past months and now the company has confirmed to The Verge that is now in distribution.

Google talks about the roll-out is gradual, usually but not specific details that will be available to all “within a few days”. For now we don’t have any results in Italy.

The slider can be set to three positions – a very sensitive, a little and a middle. Every smart device is connected can be adjusted independently, so for example if your Home in the living room is always active when you look at the paintings you can make it a little more “suspicious”, while the Home Hub in the kitchen, that must feel even while spadellate, can be set to the highest sensitivity.

The first findings come from the editor-in-chief of xda-developers, who managed to force the activation of the feature hacking with the code of the app. Thanks to him we have the first screenshots in anticipation of the distribution. Suppose that will come on the iOS app.