The Magic Keyboard for iPad is the accessory the definitive which makes it complete the iPad Pro 2018 and 2020. After having analyzed the new iPad Pro 2020 in detail, we conclude our review by talking about the keyboard with the trackpad built-in, offering the best experience so far on the iPad.

The maturity comes on the tenth anniversary!

Magic Keyboard iPad Pro 2020

Thanks iPad, it took you ten years but you’re now finally as I have dreamed after the first unboxing. Finally complete, the first with an Apple Pencil and now with the Magic Keyboard. Of course, peserai more of a MacBook Air but you’re much more versatile under many points of view. Ah yes, perhaps (although there are no certainties) in the short you can also rely on software from the likes of Final Cut, as I had said in the first part of this review.

Magic Keyboard: the dream is reality

Magic Keyboard iPad Pro 2020

The new Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro offers users the ultimate in terms of typing and versatility, thanks to the reduced range of the keys – 1mm – and the mechanism of the scissors that makes it comfortable typing. The accessory also integrates a stand with adjustable tilt free up to 130°.

Magic Keyboard iPad Pro 2020

The backlight then makes the difference in every area, including the write to read or work at night without lights on, maybe in the mobility train or plane. Absurd to think that the backlight is still lacking for the Magic Keyboard Bluetooth for Mac.

At the level of the design, the product is decidedly linear and essential. The front part is totally smooth while on the back there is the Apple logo positioned horizontally, perfect to display with the iPad in the writing position.

Magic Keyboard iPad Pro 2020

Nice the detachment with the cylinder in aluminum, which incorporates the connector of the USB-C for charging via Smart Connector without taking up the USB port-C main device. In this way, the port can also be used with other accessories, such as HUB or Hard Disk and Flash drive SSD.

Magic Keyboard iPad Pro 2020

Finally, speaking of security, the edges of the case are slightly wider than the iPad – as seen by a little even on the Smart Folio, so as to protect the product for any side impact.

The strength of the magnets is ensured, and the iPad is easy to find its location. Perfect the system of coupling and uncoupling magnet , which then allows us to use the iPad with the keyboard, or separate them from it for use directly in hand. Exact, this keyboard cannot be closed like the Smart Cover and the Smart Folio then leaves the iPad free when there is the need to use it vertically, or to draw.


Well, then there is the trackpad integrated into the keyboard which, thanks to its surface totally clickable, offers the maximum comfort in every moment of the day. We pointer up with us, and always available. But not only: there are all the gestures that we need to optimize our experience with the iPad.

Magic Keyboard iPad Pro 2020 20

Really a solution to the top for any type of need that is capable of making the iPad a computer really independent. We can always add an external mouse, maybe if we are used to that kind of experience. It is a fact that not having to carry around another if not the combo iPad Pro + Magic Keyboard is really very satisfying.

Magic Keyboard iPad Pro 2020 20

I honestly thought that on the soft surfaces, such as on the legs just to give one example, the stability would not have been so tangible, and instead, I had to change my mind from the first moment. The stand is well balanced, despite the weight of the iPad, and walks away then the risk of the tablet falling backwards, tipping over with the weight. Then, by testing the keyboard in every way, from the table to the couch and even in bed, we realized how much is convenient to work now with the iPad Pro, and this Magic Keyboard.

Magic Keyboard iPad Pro 2020 20

Finally, as an additional safety, when the Magic Keyboard is docked and closed, the microphone of the iPad Pro is turned off to avoid compromising any audio data, thus providing the ultimate in privacy and attention to the user.

iPadOS and the cursor

Magic Keyboard iPad Pro 2020

As we have already said in the first part of the review, the real news of iPadOS is relative to the cursor with iPadOS 13.4. Devices updated now support mouse and the trackpad without any kind of problem, in addition to Bluetooth keyboards, or compatible with the Smart Connector.

Magic Keyboard iPad Pro 2020

The Magic Keyboard takes advantage of the characteristics of iPadOS to provide a valuable experience to the end user. How? Simply by changing the pointer based on the selected item. Let’s take an example: if I move the ui, and the step from browsing to a page with text, the pointer turns with elegance to highlight the elements of the interface and allow me to select the text. Still, with gestures and Multi-Touch on the trackpad, you can navigate around the operating system, and switch between apps, return to Home, go to multitasking, the dock and other menus, such as the Notification Center.

Models and prices of Magic Keyboard

Magic Keyboard iPad Pro 2020

The Magic Keyboard part from 339€ for variant 11-inch and arrives at 399€ for the version 12.9 inches, as in this review. You can find available on the official Apple website while on Amazon at the moment is not available. Here, however, the pages Amazon, in case you’d like to wait for the availability on the portal of e-commerce.

  • Magic Keyboard 11″- Amazon
  • Magic Keyboard from 12.9″ – Amazon

Conclusions: the iPad Pro 2020 and Magic Keyboard for iPad


Before concluding, let us summarize the key concepts discussed in the first part of the review of the iPad Pro 2020. We speak of power, versatility, support for mouse and trackpad, the evolution of the software and of the new potentialities in the field of AR. The iPad Pro 2020, therefore, is a concentrate of technology from the dual rear camera with scanner LiDAR (which in the future really makes the difference) and reaches a higher power, and switches to an OS stable and dedicated.

This iPad Pro is truly versatile and advanced from every point of view. Excellent poenzialità AR, wide angle camera, and support for mouse and trackpad. Promoted? The refer to May to complete the review by including the new Magic Keyboard with the trackpad built in, the real flagship of the line iPad Pro.

Therefore, there is need to wait for May to provide a worthy conclusion to this review. Apple has opened up the orders a lot sooner than we thought and the new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro is available to purchase already from the end of April.

Magic Keyboard iPad Pro

But it makes all the difference? You, in a radical way. The keyboard has always been comfortable on the iPad, but the ride of this specific model is really well optimized because it combines the stability and thickness and allows an experience of writing equal to that of desktop computers or laptops with full-size keyboard.

But is the trackpad is the real star in all this, because it is always available, can be clicked on all the surface, and offers the complete package of gestures to work better. Finally, the robustness of the stand is amazing and, provided they weigh a tad more than the expectations, offers many viewing angles different up to 130°, and a USB-C charging the iPad.

It costs a lot, this is true, but it makes it so full the iPad for work and study that the purchase will seem indispensable. For me it was. iPad Pro 2020 (but also the previous version) is a real computer, I repeat, now more than ever. Ah and for those who were wondering, there are so many voices that speak of the landing-place on the iPad with Final Cut Pro. We’ll know more at WWDC 2020? Probably. In the meantime, this combo is really explosive.

The prices of the iPad Pro and the accessories are the following:

  • iPad Pro 11″ starting from 899€ to 1619€
  • iPad Pro 12.9” from 1119€ to 1839€
  • Magic Keyboard from 339€ 399€
  • Smart Keyboard Folio from 199€ to 219€
  • Magic Trackpad 149€
  • Magic Keyboard for€99
  • Apple Pencil to 135€
  • Magic Mouse for€99

What to choose? Depends on you and what you already have. There are so many options that you can choose freely depending on the workflow that you are accustomed to follow. These new models of iPad Pro 2020 are available both on the Apple website is official on Amazon.en.


The Magic Keyboard is a perfect product and complete. It weighs a little bit in terms of both grams and in terms of price but offers everything you could want on the iPad Pro. The review is then complete: the iPad Pro is really mature and ready, thanks to continuing improvements to the software, to the power and now the Magic Keyboard.

  • Design
  • Ergonomics
  • Strength
  • Integration
  • Weight