As reported by Nikkei Asian Review, Apple would have anticipated in the different suppliers the possibility to increase the production of the iPhone compared to the volumes of last year, despite fears of an economic crisis that may curb demand.

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Analysts had widely expected a “superciclo” of about 220 million iphones sold in 2020, thanks mainly to the new 5G, but all this was before a potential global recession caused by the blocks of the coronavirus that are putting in the knee different sectors of the economy.

In spite of these difficulties, Apple said its suppliers in China and expects to increase production in the coming months, with the goal to reach 213 million by the end of the year. Certainly a positive fact, that would be a +4% compared to the sales of the 2019. Of these, about half of which will be iPhone 12, while the other 50% will be divided between the iPhone and other smartphones are still in the list in the various parts of the world.

Furthermore, the data is higher than the new estimates of analysts, that as a result of the coronavirus have lowered their forecast from 220 to 200 million iphones sold during 2020. Own theiPhone IF you are having a great success, at least according to the first estimates. According to analysts, by the end of the year Apple will sell 15 million of its cheaper iPhone.

It is not excluded that Apple, a company full of liquidity, has chosen to increase production not so much to answer the future demand of the users, as to safeguard the supplies, even if this means to earn products to sell then in the following months. Many suppliers, in fact, would be in serious difficulties without a large number of orders from Apple.