We’ve just reviewed the Samsung Galaxy S6, which some day is also out the Lite version, and already start to get insistent the rumors about his successor. Indeed, on his successors: because, according to the rumor the Galaxy Tab, the S7 will be flanked by a Plus version.

The models will be two for the basic version, two for the Plus, associated respectively to the codes SM-T870, SM-T875 SM-T970 and SM-T975. It is easy to speculate that both the Galaxy Tab S7, both the Plus variant will be available with only Wi-Fi connectivity or also with the mobile. And from the latest information it seems that it is coming also a fifth model, with 5G.

The difference between the basic model and its bigger brother should be in the size of the screen: 11-inch for the first, a 12.4 inch for the second, so going to directly challenge the proposal of the iPad Pro from Apple.

Of course we should find support for the S Pen, that you can benefit from even larger display.

Under the hood, zero compromise: starting from the processor, which according to rumor should be the Snapdragon 865. Which opens up the possibility of a support to the networks 5G by another model, which should be as said in addition to the four already mentioned, associated with the code SM-7976B and intended – it seems – also to the european market. Probably – we are in the field of hypothesis – variant 5G may be exclusive to the Galaxy Tab, the S7 Plus.

Some doubt, then, about the name: there are rumors for some time of the possibility that Samsung is considering to realign its tablet to the nomenclature of the S-series smartphone, and then that could see us in front of the Galaxy Tab S20 and S20 Plus. However, lately these items have lost force.

The new models are expected for thebeginning of August, and should follow the launch of the Galaxy Notes 20, and to coincide with that of the Galaxy Fold 2. Clearly are the directions to take with the tongs, especially in this period of extreme uncertainty, where the producers are forced to revise several times its plans due to the global health emergency. We’ll see: what is certain is that Samsung is not spring-loaded in the tablet market, which is now on the front of the Android is in vertical descent for years, and always continues to raise with high level products.