Facebook Gaming: it’s time for the competitor to Twitch with the dedicated app

Facebook has officially launched Facebook Gamingapp as the streaming platform games autonomous that aims to challenge YouTube and Twitch.

The app is now officially available on Android, while the IOS version will be released as soon as Apple approve it. Face Twitch, YouTube, and even Mixer of Microsoft will be a difficult task, but Facebook Gaming is set to offer a wider range of securities and includes also a particular attention to mobile games.

Facebook has told the New York Times that the service will follow in the footsteps of YouTube, and Twitch, with the ability to create and watch the live streaming of players all over the world.

The function “Go Live” it also will allow Android users to broadcast live streaming the games directly from their devices.

Facebook Gaming

The launch of the app was initially planned for June, but given the recent increase in the streaming of the games due to the pandemic coronavirus, Facebook has anticipated the launch.

“We have anticipated the launch of the app of Facebook Gaming to encourage meaningful interactions, supporting at the same time distancing social during the emergency of COVID-19” has specified the company.

It is not a surprise to see Facebook launch an app dedicated gaming. The company obviously thinks that streaming games is the next big growth opportunity. However, it has a long way to go given the domain of Twitch.