With a decision in some measure similar to the one announced in the past few weeks in France, alsoAustralia has the intention to force Google to pay the publishers of local appropriate remuneration for use within its services (search engine in the first place) the snippets extracted from their articles. The same is true for Facebook.

Australia on the relationship between Google, Facebook, and publishing

The australian government has asked the competition authority (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) to draw up a code of conduct which will be applied to the realities of the world hi-tech that will want to interface with those who work in the world of journalism. Here in translated form to the statement issued on this subject by a spokesman for the Mountain View.

We have worked for many years in order to become a partner to the news industry, helping its protagonists to grow their business through advertising and subscription services, as well as increasing the public by conveying traffic to them. In February we are collaborating with more than 25 publishers of australian collecting their input in a voluntary code, and undertaking also on the deadlines and on the processes imposed by the ACCC. We have tried to work constructively with the industry, the ACCC and the government to develop a code of conduct and will continue to do so in the light of the new process announced today by the government.

The publication of the first preliminary version of the code is waiting for the month of July.