The app “Offers – Scontiamolo” update with many new features and improvements!

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At the beginning of the week, we launched in the App Store the official application of Scontiamolo, a gill of iSpazio that lets you access the best deals of the web, with a lot of discount codes that are exclusive to save money on purchases Amazon, App Store and much more.

The application is loved so much, and we have already collected more than 120 reviews super positive. Please note that the application is free, and inside we have not included even a banner ad!

We are really happy of your enthusiasm, and we listened to every feedback to make the app even better. We are very active in this sense and in 5 days, we have released well 5 updates! Now we believe that the app is really perfect and is able to respond accurately to all your requests and needs.

Below, we recap everything we have changed in the app through the various updates (the latest just a few minutes in the App Store):

  1. We have added the ability to view more information on a product or an application directly from the Home Page. We have details on shipping, on the accessory, or for the descriptions of the applications in discount, in order to offer a more complete overview, even before the first click.
  2. Fix scrolling. Finally! Now you can scroll through products in a more natural manner. The screen will follow perfectly your finger and it will stop at the point where you stop. Previously he continued to slide the “block” and stopped as soon as there was another anchor point. In terms of the usability of the application, with this update we reach the maximum level!
  3. Now when you click on a category, the application will compact and “salt” automatically to the top to allow you to view the products in full screen. For example, clicking on “All” you will get the view of the large and extended, which is much more convenient to browse.
  4. We have added the ability to insert a box warning in the application that will appear on the first place in the section of the editorial. We shall use this notice for important communications with you users (if there should be any)
  5. We have added an automatic refresh of the products every 60 seconds. This means that if you leave the application open, it will show automatically the new discounts and coupons without the need to perform the “Pull to Refresh”
  6. Improved the behavior of the search bar. Now the word sought is deleted as soon as you return to the view of the app, “expanded”.
  7. Fixed a problem with the rib dashed around the discount codes. Sometimes could happen that you do not show the border around the Coupon, or it disappeared in the transition to the Dark Mode.
  8. We have improved the display of the Box with the Editorial
  9. We have reduced the number of Push Notifications per day. That is to say that some products will be reported with the Push and others not (you will discover them only when you open the application, or by following @scontiamolo on Telegram).

About Push Notifications

For some users, the number of Push notifications daily was too high. We have gathered various feedback and all users reported that it would have been preferable to choose such as push notifications to get and which not according to the category in which the products are located. In reality, there is a reason why we have not implemented this feature: most of the products that we belong to the category of Amazon, turn off Notifications on Amazon would be to not have them at all, and that would defeat their purpose. Keep active only the ones that would bring a difference almost nothing compared to now. Within the category of Amazon, in fact, insert is the Coupon that Offers a fine, or, as happened just yesterday evening, of the errors of the price that last a very short time. If you do not avvertissimo users with Notifications, you open the application when it is too late, i.e. when the discounted price that we are no longer guaranteed. The offers do not last in the straight, and you’d end up with the love of our inaccuracy..

How to solve the problem of “too many Notifications” then?

The suggestion that we give is to activate and keep active but remove the sound. In this way, the phone will not ring/vibrate and will not distract your attention while you do other things, however the Notifications are coming, and as soon as you take the phone in your hand, you can read them and possibly open them. It is the best compromise possible. To turn off the sound Notifications, open the application Settings of iOS > Notifications > Scontiamolo and turn off the switch near the item “Sound”.

If you do not want to stop the development of this app and the evolution of Scontiamolo, please join us on Telegram as they already do-more than 16,000 people. It is the only way to be able to help us or tell us Thanks and let us continue to work for you in this beautiful project.

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