The “Family Sharing“, and that is the possibility to share the same subscription and the content in this connected with other users, is one of those options, which Google promised would be landed on the Staff, not the launch, but by the year 2020. As the free trial, which arrived recently, and allows you to try the service gaming streaming without costs – even if it has technical limitations – for two months.

With regard to the “Family Sharing”, following some mention prior to the debut of the Ruler there was then a silence, radar, and in the last update that was released a couple of days ago, there is not a trace. So someone started to ask questions, and someone else to make them directly to Google, on Twitter.

Theaccount of the Google Staff has replied to a user who questioned him on the matter, telling him about the fact that the plans were not changed: the “Family Sharing” is still in the plans this year.

Hey Cory, thanks for your tweet. While we have no specific dates to share — we plan to enable Family Sharing this year and are working diligently to get this feature out to everybody as quickly as we can. Stay tuned on our social media channels for news and announcements!

— Stadia (@GoogleStadia) April 16, 2020

And you, what do you think? Been experimenting with Stadia, thanks to the free trial period? Would you be willing to subscribe if it was possible to divide the expenses and the content with other users?