Google Pay will soon be launching a debit card @BitFeedCo.

Google Pay represents the payment system in mobility the most used on Android and, in the future, there might be much more than the role of intermediary between the payments and the bank has now. A series of screenshots leaked, in fact, testify to the willingness of Google to launch a debit card.

The images provided show a design of the physical card clean but intricate which works for both payments, chip & PIN to contactless payments.

Clearly the management tools of the paper are integrated within the app Google Pay – including the research account, and of the purchase and the ability to freeze a missing card and order a new one.

In economies based on consumption, the data on purchases can be worth a lot more than many of the purchases themselves. Google may use information on payments to its advertising partners.

These services, however, will have to attract the consumers attention to privacy that they want all the usual banking services like free access to the atm and the cash back. The Apple Card is there for a reason that benefits Apple in theory, even if we have not yet figured out how to be effectively for the company, but if Google is betting really become 100% a Fintech, we will not have a fair comparison to evaluate.

However, the leaked screenshots in the network are in the English language and it is very likely that the initial arrival of a debit card Google Pay to happen in the United States alone. There is, however, to say that the excellent relationship between Google and the banks, local may work from a slingshot to a possible launch in the Country.


Google Pay will soon be launching a debit card @BitFeedCo.