Register today new ads for the line mobile workstation of HPmodels ZBook Created and ZBook Study coming up in the next few months offer advanced performance and a wink to those who is daily engaged in the processing of multimedia content.

HP ZBook Created, and the HP ZBook Studio

The board of the technical specifications provides for both processors, Intel Core or Intel Xeon processor of the latest generation which support NVIDIA GPU families Quadro or GeForce. To better understand the target market and the strengths we refer to the definitions provided by the manufacturer in the venue of presentation: ZBook Created is the “laptop, 15-inch smaller in the world for creators and players”, while the ZBook Study “the mobile workstation the world’s most powerful per cubic centimeter” to emphasize the high ratio between computing power and space.

This technology also DreamColor for the precise calibration of the screen. The battery guarantees for the two models a battery life of up to 17.5 hours on a single charge.

Uno dei nuovi laptop della linea HP ZBook

Particular attention has been paid also to the theme of sustainability during the design phase: the 5% of the components used for the housing of the speakers is made from recycled plastic. The debut on the market is scheduled for the month of August, with prices not yet announced.

Il nuovo HP Envy 15

What you see in the image above is the new HP Envy 15 which, compared to its predecessor, integrates a touchpad with glass surface, keyboard, layout reviewed, the display of True Black (4K optional), the system vapor chamber flanked by two fans for cooling, how about some laptop for gaming, CPU performance increased by 33% (up to Intel Core i9 tenth generation), video card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2600, up to 32 GB of RAM DDR4 and autonomy from 16.5 hours with fast charging. It will be on sale in the United States from June to 1.349, $ 99 for the base configuration.