The data collected from market surveys carried out by Canalys, IDC and Gartner showed PC sector in suffering in the course of the first quarter of the year, despite a 2019 closed with a timid rise of 0.6%. The most significant decrease, however, you will see especially in the course of the second quarter. The most serious economic crisis caused by the pandemic by COVID-19, in fact, would assume a global recession with the collapse of demand, unemployment and bankruptcy of many producers.

In this period, however, the pandemic is forcing millions of people to stay in the house with a consequent increase of the so-called “smart working” and teaching at a distance (here we give you some advice). Not only that, according to what emerged from a research made by GfK, the lockdown is leading to a greater enjoyment of content related to entertainment. In particular, there has been an increase of 9% of the time dedicated to online gaming (on mobile and on PC).

Many seem to be taking advantage of the situation to buy new devices to play with in the house. In the period from 2 to 29 march 2020, in fact, GfK has recorded a sales growth of portable PCS for the gaming of 20% in value and 31% in units compared to the same period of 2019. But the increase in sales has affected the entire sector gaming.

The console has seen a 67% increase in value compared to the same period in the previous year. Strong growth In accessories for the console: GfK recorded a growth of 24% in terms of value for the gamepad controller (video game), of 478% for the gaming seats (chairs and armchairs for gaming) and 104 percent for steering wheels (steering wheel).