Apple releases a tool that provides data on the mobility of the users during the COVID-19

Apple has announced a new tool that allows governments and the competent authorities to track the mobility of users with the information collected by Apple Maps. It may be useful to limit the spread of the COVID-19 and understand the trends in the various Countries.

In particular, the tool of Apple can identify the volume of users driving, walking or using public transport.

apple maps covid

The data come from requests to use Apple Maps to get information on the movements in 63 different Countries of the world. These data are then compared with those obtained before the quarantine, resulting in a clear situation on the changes that you are experiencing in this period.

Of course, Apple stresses that the data on the mobility that it provides are not matched to the Apple ID, and then are anonymized to protect privacy.

Contrary to what you might think, the Italy is the Country with the “strongest” in the world. The data show a -87% of use of the application Maps for the guide, a -89% for pedestrians, and a -91% for public transport. Germany is the Country that at this time moves more, with a drop that reaches only 54%.