How it changed the lives of the singles from when the pandemic has forced us to the forced isolation? How do the bachelors and the old maids to bear the weight of the material social? What is happening on the app dating more popular now to meet strangers is the equivalent of a peck fines and social stigma? And above all, how we can help technology to meet potential soul mates in accordance with the Dpcm of 9 march 2020?

We will be talking in the company of Diletta Parlangeli, journalist and radio presenter (and recently single). In this new installment of the Interval, and tell how they are Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble, and the other app of dating, and we offer a couple of useful tips for those who want to “handle” the libido is dormant suits and pigiamoni.

With the new book “Tour of Italy” we bring you the latest news and tech from all over the Boot and finally there is also space to talk about finance and cats with Gabriele Arestivo, called in to intervene in the role he was suited for the he is married (more or less).

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There were enough articles. There were enough videos. And when we said “we should do a podcast”, we realized that perhaps there was enough even that. Or at least, not a podcast of the technology tout-court, that he was still of a smartphone, laptop and other item, wired.

That’s why we created the Range: a podcast is, of course, but it is above all a break from the intense schedule of the information technology that we wanted to give us already a bit’ of time. A brief pause, but regenerating, every Friday before dinner, to talk with Andrea Nepori and the guests more or less fixed to digital cultures and current affairs without ever taking itself too seriously.

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The author

The range is designed and produced by Andrea Nepori, freelance journalist expert on technology, innovation and digital culture. In addition to Samsung, working with The Print, Domus, Vanity Fair, The Paper Innovation. He lives in Berlin. With Lorenzo Paletti also leads us to the Last Row, a “madman ” podcast” on the behind-the-scenes of the Italian scene of the journalism tech.

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