The pandemic coronavirus has heavily affected the film industry, who follows us with steadfastness will surely have the bed in our special, which is constantly updated on the outputs postponed and production halted. The future of many films is still uncertain, but for one of the many arriving, it was expected the jump to the streaming platform without passing by the cinema.

Let’s talk about the movie My Spy, the rights of which previously STX and MWM were acquired recently by Amazon Studios, which is soon to propose on its streaming service, Prime Video. The film had suffered a number of delays on the release date in North America, with the last set for 17 April and thwarted by the current events.

In My Spy will see the popular ex-wrestler and now a proven actor, Dave Bautista in the role of a CIA agent who finds himself in spite of himself, engaged in a surveillance mission against a 9-year girl called Sophie (played by Chloe Coleman). The girl notice of the operation, blackmailing the agent with the goal of getting to teach the craft of the spy.

Directed by Peter Segal, the film has not been an official date of availability in the stream, the affected markets have not been formalized but it is very likely that Italy is among those, we’ll talk again as soon as we know more.