The control measures of infection of the Coronavirus have caused huge problems to the logistics centers and shopping centers, many of which have reorganized their mode of delivery: Amazon was one of the online marketplace the most affected because since the first time some of the critical points of system of deliveries were placed under stress by the objective limits in the deliveries, limits heavy in the availability of the goods and demand more and more high to cope.

Where it is possible to do the spending? Where are the products available? Amazon Prime (free for the first 30 days) you can make the case their own? The answer is: after weeks of difficulties, Amazon is once again a valuable resource for those who want to rely to online purchases.

First Now, the item is available again

This is not a real novelty, but a trend that is emerging in these hours on the basis of information received during our study on the subject. Amazon has lived a very special moment in the past few days, when your logistics was put in difficulty by a multitude of obstacles that has slowed down the operation. Something is changing in the last hours: the number of products shipped has increased, differentiation of priorities among the goods of first necessity and those of less immediate importance allowed to flow more quickly, the code and everything has to match in speed of shipping is higher.

Reliance on the service First Now he could see clearly: although the efficiency may not be clearly pre-Coronavirus, it is again possible to receive the shopping home relatively quickly. The demand remains very high and this leads to a series of difficulties to manage the entire supply chain: the supply must be guaranteed, the logistics must be able to flow optimally, and the delivery windows are a lot less. However, with the people in the house and the roads are relatively clear, and with a particular commitment on the delivery processes (both from the organisational point of view and in the remuneration of workers), Amazon has redefined quickly as their modus operandi and now seems to be able to manage much more efficiently the requests. The free offer of a month remains active, which represents, however, a reminder will be interesting for the many suddenly forced to rethink their spending habits during the period of the lock-down (which can continue even weeks).

In these hours the item is available, in short: the service is back to flowing and with a little patience you can have in hand the goods of the first necessity according to the board to stay in the house as much time as possible. The warning Amazon is clearly imprinted on the page of the First Now for the avoidance of doubt and in search of collaboration: “the availability of The products and the delivery windows are limited due to the high demand. Check availability at the time of confirmation of the order“. Even those who are not yet a subscriber can leverage on a one-month trial for a test at no additional cost and with no obligation of renewal.

First Now: what products are available

The products made available from the service First Now embrace a wide range of possibilities:

  • fruits and vegetables
  • meat and fish
  • cream, eggs, milk, butter
  • yogurt and desserts
  • dishes and fresh sauces
  • fresh pasta
  • meats and cold cuts
  • cheese and mozzarella
  • frozen
  • bread and pastry
  • coffee, tea, infusions
  • pasta and rice
  • preserves
  • ethnic foods
  • flour
  • water and soft drinks, wines, beers and spirits
  • snacks and candy

In addition to this, the products more for animals, for children, for body care, home cleaning and so on. The source of supply that ensures the availability of the products is note: PAM Panorama, partners Amazon on the whole national territory.

Amazon Prime Now is only available to customers enrolled in Amazon Prime. Enter your zip code, check that First Now is present in your area, sign in with your Amazon Prime account and start shopping. The minimum amount for the orders First and Now in Milan, Rome and Turin is 15€ and are available in two modes of delivery. Delivery in an hour has a cost of€ 7.99 for the order. The delivery within the window of two hours has no additional costs for orders above 50€ and has a cost of 3.49€ for orders of less than this amount.

First Now: where the service is available

Amazon Prime Now is only available in the cities of Milan, Rome and Turin. Not the whole metropolitan area is covered, but only to specific areas identifiable by the your zip code of residence. To see if you can take advantage of the service, in short, all you can do is go on the official website, select the CAP and check to see if you can place the order regularly online the own expense.

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