Oppo is ready to launch a new, mysterious product. And he soon will be: on Weibo, indeed, appeared in a promotional poster which depicts a device circular accompanied by a date, the 7th April, which is tomorrow.

The mystery, then, is not destined to last long. And indeed, we can already ruin the surprise, in all probability it will be the new headphones true wireless that we talked about just a few days ago, and that they should be called Enco W31 (a short time ago, by the way, we reviewed the Enco Free). Specifically, of course, we would be in front of thebox, charging in black color and opaque.

On the microblogging platform chinese many of which, initially, have commented on the teaser of the Oppo thinking of a smart speaker, because of the similarity between the device depicted and Google Home Mini. Around this kind of pebble, dark and polished, then, is a representation of the concentric waves that recall the sound, suggesting the idea of one speaker. But also, the headphones are a product that has a lot to do with the audio, of course. And then we come back to the first hypothesis, the most likely.

Oppo had announced at the end of 2019, the goal for the future would have been a strong expansion of their ecosystem, and as we saw with theOppo Watch, the patent for a fitness band, and hopefully this new pair of headphones true wireless, is in keeping with its plans despite the difficulties imposed by the health emergency in the course. Without forgetting, of course, the smartphone market: the top-of-the-range Find X2 Pro we have already reviewed, and we liked it so much, but his arrival in Italy was delayed because of the Covid-19.