The account N26 with IBAN, the Italian has finally arrived and is ready to be a current account as the primary one for the payment of salary, pension and much more.

N26 IBAN Italiano

N26 IBAN Italian

The service N26 then it differs from the sources which provided only a IBAN German and now provides users with full support on the Italian territory, with the consequent advantages.

The decision to create a IBAN ad hoc for the Italian market, is acquired as a result of listening to the constant of many of our customers have expressed this request. From now on, it will be possible to use the N26 as the primary account for the crediting of the salary or pension; connect directly the charge of all the households and all the subscriptions (bills, utilities, phone, pay tv etc) continue to withdraw free of charge on all ATMS in italy; have a special promotion on the stamp duty that, in the case of average balance in excess of euro 5,000, will be paid directly from 26 until 30 September 2020.

Remain clearly valid all the features that are already active for accounts with IBAN or German. In addition, all of the accounts N26 are protected from the Bottom of the German protection of deposits up to 100,000 euros, regardless of the IBAN. Unfortunately, the IBAN, the Italian is not available for those who are already a client with the German one, then it is a product dedicated only to new customers.

New customers N26 IBAN Italian then will be able to home easily the users and to charge subscriptions on the account, managing them from a single application. This is a new very relevant for all the users that are considering a new account-card. Furthermore, considering the various promotions that follow one another often, and the chance to make the first charge directly from a prepaid card or debit, it is highly recommended.

Account opening N26

Open an account in the N26 is fast and easy. It follows a process directly from the mobile, without paper to sign. The steps are four: the insertion of personal data, verification of documents with video, or photos, choice of account, association your smartphone. The physical card arrives directly at the address you indicated during registration.

Open the against the N26 in a few minutes