Google Pixel4 and Pixel4 XL begin to receive a “true” dual SIM capability also in Italy. Smartphones have a slot only for the physical card, but also include a chip in the eSIM on the motherboard. So far, however, the feature was only supported in half, in our market: if there was a SIM physical you could not add an eSIM.

In fact, you could take advantage of a subscription only for a time. A recent update of the app Manager SIM has changed things: – as shown in the screenshot here, now the device asks whether to use two SIM.

Use two SIM?
This device can have two SIMS active at a time. To continue to use only one SIM at a time, tap “no, thanks.”

For the moment there are no official communications from Google, so we do not have precise details on the mode – in particular if there are limitations on the operators involved. Even the changelog of the app on the Play Store and offers explanations.

  • Google Pixels 4 XL is available online from Mobzilla to 599 euros.
  • Google Pixel 4 is available online from Mobzilla to 480 euro.
Available on logo_ebay.png: Pixels 4 XL 729 euro and Pixel 4 is 517 euro.
(update of 06 April 2020, 08:47)