Security patches April 2020 Android 10 you are deploying on your smartphone and Google the Pixels from 2 onwards. This month, 55 flaws of Android are closed by the developers of Mountain View – 13 with the patch of April 1st, 43 with those of 5 – with various levels of importance, from moderate to critical; to which are added three bug fixes specific to the Pixels, two of which are linked to the Bluetooth and one to the virtual keyboard. In more detail:

  • Fixed a memory leak which may prevent the creation of new connections, BLE.
  • Fixed a loss of audio quality during calls in some circumstances.
  • Fixed a lag occasional when opening the virtual keyboard in certain apps.

As usual, the patch will come in the next few days automatically via OTA; for those who just can not wait, they are already online the link to download Factory and OTA Image. The first restore the device completely and also cause the loss of all the data you have saved (in addition to any procedures of modding made); the latter can be applied without fear of losing anything, but they require that the smartphone is 100% stock. Can be found, respectively, here and HERE.

In the last few hours we have already seen the beginning of the deployment of the patch on various Samsung smartphones, such as the A51 (Android-9) and the Galaxy Note 10 Plus.