The work done by Microsoft on the Edge seems to pay off. The market share attributed to the browser is progressively growing in the course of the last few months, to the detriment of direct competitors, so much so that at the end of march is the second navigation software that is most used on desktop platforms: if the undisputed king remains Google’s Chrome, you register the overtaking Firefox.

Browser desktop: Edge exceeds Firefox, is the second

The testimony in the graphic below, based on the statistics gathered by NetMarketShare. In the month of January, the Edge held 7,02%, while today it came to 7.59%. In the same period, the browser of Mozilla has gone from 8,12% to 7,19%, losing nearly a point. The most detached Internet Explorer 11 (from 6.25% to 5,60%). Close the quintet taken into consideration, Safari, and Opera. In the first three months of the year, the leader Chrome has grown from 66,93% to 68,50%.

Mercato browser desktop: Edge ha superato Firefox

Edge benefited from the transition to Chromium aimed in the past few months is the deep integration with the operating system Windows 10 is now installed on over a billion devices on a global level. The group of Redmond, with the aim of can leave behind the past is certainly not simple, of Internet Explorer, is not going to relax and continue to work on the improvement of the browser, paying attention to every single aspect: on these pages at the end of last week, we published a summary of the new features that soon will address the scrolling, between the operation performed with greater frequency by those who surf.