One thing is clear: the pace of the necessary measures for the containment of the infection by Coronavirus are projecting tremendous consequences on the economy, some even counterintuitive. Suddenly, in fact, there has been strongly limited the possibility in the movements, which would let you imagine an explosion of e-commerce to meet the needs of all of the days. But no: suddenly to become a paladin of the stability and supplies of necessities were the shops of proximity, those so vituperate the shops that many had abandoned in virtue of the convenience of online shopping.

Clearly, it is not so everywhere, and while some of the local activities close their doors (maybe forever, if you do not know how to rethink your way of being on the market), other live moments of great profitability, while the net risks are important for the health and high rates of work. But this is also for the e-commerce world, where the conditions have changed under many points of view and values in the field are therefore to be weighed in a new way.

How many before now, for example, did the daily shopping on eBay? Today, instead, this one is more than valid, because the discounts are there, because the products are not lacking, and because the logistics are decentralized proves to be more efficient. Today, all plan fees with greater attention, since in the awareness of the fact that the timing of the lock down to extend, and difficulties in transport are high, here is the method that eBay is the most successful.

How to shop on eBay

Here’s the complete list:

  • food and drinks
  • products for household appliances
  • health
  • articles for pets
  • cleaning and laundry

Free shipping, bundle packs in quantity to get discounts of greater relevance, as well as a 5€ coupon on a selected list of products (suits, colored pencils, pads for the dishwasher and… more). To take advantage of it is sufficient to indicate the code “PERVOI5EURO” in the phase of payment and cash out so at the moment his bonus.

Coupon eBay

Amazon has announced that at this stage is limiting shipments to some of the categories targeted, but at the same time is putting in provisions in offerings of great interest if the shipment is not necessary (to great success, for example, the initiative for the two months of readings free on Kindle Unlimited). The large-scale distribution is putting under stress the their apps for the withdrawal of the charges in the shopping centres that are enabled, thus trying to limit the code photographed in parking lots, in order to have access to purchasing. eBay, for its part, is based on the partnership agreements signed in time with their shops and thus opens a marketplace that is valid from which to draw to restrict once more the own outputs in this crucial phase of the fight against Covid-19.