The U.s. patent Office has today published a new patent application from Apple that describes how a facial recognition system as a Face ID may automatically adjust the orientation of the screen of an iPhone or iPad.

Currently, the vertical or horizontal orientation of a mobile device is determined through the use of accelerometers or other sensors that determine the position of the device relative to the force of gravity. However, this system is not always perfect, forcing the user to move the device to set the orientation correct.

According to the new patent, the Face ID may be the solution to this problem, as the system will always be able to detect the position of a face of the user and adjust the screen orientation of an iPhone or iPad. In this way would greatly reduce the need to enable the orientation lock in portrait, which often makes it necessary for example, if we use our iPhone while we’re in bed, maybe poggiandolo on the pillow.

Precisely on this possibility, he wrote, in 2018, the user Reddit ProTomahawks:

I love to use my phone in bed, so usually my rotation is locked so that it does not change in the horizontal. It would be nice if iOS could see the way in which you are viewing your screen so as to prevent the rotation of the screen when we are lying down. It is not a big problem, but it could be very useful in day to day use.

The patent application was filed in September 2018, but was published only this week. At the moment, then, Apple has not yet decided to insert this provision in the devices equipped with Face ID, but perhaps it may do so in the future?

How many of you would like to see enabled this function on their devices?