iOS 14 will represent an important step forward for the mobile operating system of Apple waiting to be unveiled at WWDC 2020, which this year will take place exclusively online in June, have already revealed a number of details coming from the code. Just think, for example, new solutions for password management, or all of the incoming news for Apple Maps and CarPlay and possible system of multitasking “borrowed” from the iPad.

The novelty of these last hours relate specifically to the interface, starting from the panel where they are available wallpapers. And there could be a surprise.

We start with the backgrounds, which will be available in the panel re-organized in which images are collected separate by category (Classic Stripes, Earth & Moon, Flowers). To observe the items “Home Screen ” Appearance” and “Smart Gradient“, which will display the wallpaper dynamic only on the home screen. The options are four for each staining.

The other news would be sensational: 9to5Mac has found evidence in the code of the new operating system of the so-called “Avocado” (this is the internal name of the company). In practice, this would be anapp on the home screen.

Translated: Apple is working to bring the widget directly on the home screen of both iPhone iPad. Unlike those we already know to the tablet – fixed – and smartphone – with a dedicated screen accessible through a swipe to the right – the “real” widget in development will have the same behavior of the ones that we already know well on Android. In practice, can be freely moved and positioned wherever we want.

Be careful, though: this is still in the testing phase, and (a) is not said to be introduced in iOS 14, and (b) is not even said that it can not be rejected. For now, we report only the fact. You would like to have the widget on the home screen of your iPhone?