Xiaomi Mi Air 2S TWS are the new earphones true wireless of the chinese manufacturer: arrive about six months away from the Mi Air 2. Cost 399 yuan, about 52 euros, and are in pre-order now – in China. Deliveries and selling real will begin on the 9th of April.

Side audio, pure and simple, Xiaomi does not report any news, but there are several of them from the point of view of the electronics: the company says having up-to-date the SoC dual-core that handles the speaker, leading to the following improvements:

  • Technology of synchronization of the sound between the two headphones more efficient, which reduces the delay of the sound, it keeps the connection between the earphones more stable and reduces interference
  • Further optimization for the codec LHDC used by the MIUI

Xiaomi has also implemented a low latency mode that further reduces the time taken for the sound to arrive from the source to the ear of the user. The delay reduction is critical in some activities, for example video games or creating music.

The Xiaomi Mi Air 2S also include a reduction technology (be careful, not cancellation) of the background noise thanks to dual microphones dedicated, especially to improve the quality of the calls. Side autonomy, the company promises up to 5 hours of listening with a single charge; the case, which among other things supports the wireless charging protocol Qi), shall offer the other 19. The case should fully recharge the headset in an hour.

We are awaiting information on the possible availability in Italy.