In the future, the iPhone and iPad could adjust the screen orientation using the Face ID

The Office of patents and trademarks U.s. has published a new patent application Apple, which describes a facial recognition system as the Face ID is used to automatically update the orientation of a device such as an iPhone or iPad.

The patent notes that the orientation is often determined using accelerometers and / or other inertial sensors that determine the orientation of the device with respect to gravity, However, this system does not always work perfectly, forcing the user to move the device to view the contents in the correct orientation.

Face ID would be a great solution to this problem, with the patent explaining that the position of a face of a user would be detected and your iPhone or iPad will automatically change the orientation in the correct position.

brevetto Apple

The solution is not to rely solely on these sensors and to integrate them with more information. In particular, us. The iPad Pro has now the facial recognition in the form of a Face ID that we use to unlock the device.

The same function, or rather a small part of it, may be used to determine which way round to our face is in relation to the device.

“Data of orientation, obtained by a process of face detection are used to determine or update the orientation of a user interface of the application (e.g. Text and / or content) displayed on a display of a device,” says the patent.

This method could greatly reduce the need to enable the Block in the vertical orientation. There are many situations in which this could be particularly useful, for example when you are using an iPhone or iPad on a flat surface or in bed.

The patent application was filed in September 2018 and published this week. It remains to be seen if the idea will never come to a good end.