Huawei would like Google to publish Maps, Gmail and YouTube on AppGallery @BitFeedCo.

Huawei is largely excluded from doing business with Google because of the trade sanctions imposed by the United States government for alleged spionaggi. Google has repeatedly insisted on an exception to the prohibition business, but until Huawei is barred from using the services of Google, the smartphone from the chinese giant will suffer a big flaw functional. And here, trying to find a workaround, Huawei hopes for Google to publish some of its apps on the AppGallery.

AppGallery is not another store for the app created by Huawei and is used on all Android smartphones that do not have access to Play Services. According to the words of Eric Xu, chaiman of Huawei, there is hope that Google ports some of its applications on the AppGallery, just as it does now for several years on the iOS App Store.

It should be pointed out that the difficulties go far beyond the simple publication of an APK file on AppGallery: in fact, the Google apps require Play Services to work best, for which we see as quite hard the fact that Google may be coming to its app on AppGallery not being able to ensure that their operation is very, very good one of the versions available on the Play Store.

At the time that the manager of the Huawei is only a hope, but, from our point of view, there really is little that Google can do without the prohibitions against Huawei imposed by the USA are removed.

Waiting to have new implications in this story, we want to remember that Huawei and Honor have published the roadmap of the update to EMUI 10.1 and MagicUI 3.1.


Huawei would like Google to publish Maps, Gmail and YouTube on AppGallery @BitFeedCo.