Google Keep web version has introduced a small but significant change to its user interface: the menu, burger was in fact replaced by a new side navigation bar that is always visible. The toolbar allows faster access to the various content categories available. Among these:

  • Notes
  • Reminder
  • Edit labels
  • Archive
  • Trash

Additionally, you will see the labels personal, even if in this case the integration may appear a little confusing. For the moment it is not possible to assign a color or a different icon to items: this can be a problem especially in the presence of multiple labels, as in the case proposed above.

A click on the icon with the three dashes in the upper left hand corner of the UI will then reduce the size of the sidebar by hiding the respective names of the categories and thus expanding the space available for notes. Remember that in the web version of Google Keep is already available since last July, also the support for the dark theme: the latter can be manually enabled from the Settings.