All TIM customers who have signed a contract for the fixed network with a modem included, which are paying the rate, they can go for free to a’commercial offer equivalent but not constrained to the use of the device, and then to the payment of the rate residual, which will not be paid. according to the AGCOM “modem” free (details HERE).

This is a measure taken “in accordance with article 5, paragraph 1, letter a) of the resolution AGCOM n. 348/18/CONS on the freedom of choice of terminal equipment”, as notified by the note on the official website of the operator (available at the link in the SOURCE). Caution: will be able to take advantage of this opportunity, the customers that have subscribed to an offer which involved the tying of modem TIM on a date prior to 1 December 2018, and that of course they still have instalments to pay for the modem.

The membership of the commercial offer equivalent compared to that of the currently active makes you less the charge on the invoice of the remaining instalments of the modem purchased by the customer, does not involve any additional cost to the customer and does not imply changes to the existing economic and contractual conditions of use of the services active on the line.

Customers who have the requirements to request the starting of the procedure will be able to notify by 31 may 2020 by logging in to’Customer Area MyTIM or by calling the Customer Service line fixed 187. Those who choose not to adhere to commercial equivalent, will confirm the economic and contractual conditions stipulated in the origin, including the continuation of the payment obligation in relation to the remaining instalments for the purchase of modem TIM.

It’s not over here: if the contentious administrative, that has in the object of the resolution AGCom n.348/18/CONS should be resolved in favor of TIM, the operator communicates that he will have in the right to charge and then in a second the rate of the modem due and/or no claims.