At the time the emergency coronavirus is forcing millions of students to stay away from the classrooms and thousands of teachers to arrange the teaching activity, there is much talk of e-learning and school at a distance. Those who find themselves having to look for tools suitable for this purpose may be taken into account as the project OpenDidattica which is thus described in the pages of the official website.

OpenDidattica is a set of collaborative applications that allow the interaction one-to-one and many-to-many, ideal for the didactic interaction on different channels and with different modalities, both synchronous and which asynchronous. All applications used are free, open source and free.

OpenDidattica: the school may be open

The initiative was born from the collaboration of different actors: AssoProvider (the Association of Independent Providers), ILS (Italian Linux Society), Informatici senza Frontiere, Francesco Valotto platform SusyDiario intended for pupils of primary and other contributors. The common objective is to offer skills, resources and infrastructure useful not to stop the training in this period of crisis.

At the moment there are three software offered, freely usable by anyone, without any fees or license to acquire. Here they are.

  • CryptPad: the set of cloud applications for productivity (spreadsheet, text editor, manager, presentations, calendar, whiteboard) shared and collaborative that allows you to operate interactively with multiple users at the same time;
  • Jitsi: video conferencing system that allows links to audio-video to contact your class;
  • Moodle: e-learning platform open source, used in business, in schools and universities.

OpenDidattica: CryptPad

Particular attention is placed upon the respect of privacy. No data is collected, stored or processed for purposes that are not strictly related to the delivery or use of the service.

The recording of the data is limited in time and quantity to the purposes of the platform: to enable a didactic interaction between teachers and their students and, in some cases, the sharing of content with the entire educational community.

The project OpenDidattica was just born, and the intention declared by its promoters is to receive in the future other services may be put at the disposal of the community. For more information and updates refer official website.