The Guarantor for the protection of personal data has thundered heavily against theINPS in relation to the problem related to the data breach emerged in the night following numerous reports from users.

These are the words of the Guarantor, Antonello Soro:

We are very concerned about this very serious data breach. We immediately made contact with the Inps, and will see the launch of the first investigations to see if might have been a problem linked to the design of the system or if it’s instead a problem of wider scope. Meanwhile, it is of absolute urgency that the Inps is to close the hole and put in safety data.

The guarantor of Privacy against the INPS

After hours of inefficiency on the server of the portal of the institute, a symptom of a certain lightness in dealing with the issue from the point of view of technical and organizational behold the emergence of the fragility from the point of view of the security of the data. Still The Same:

The lack of security of data banks and sites of the public administrations is a question that recurs constantly, a sign of a still inadequate culture of data security in our Country

The Guarantor asks, rightly, the emphasis not so much on the case itself (defined as “very serious” and for which he has asked for immediate solution), as well as on the fact that for too long put too little attention on issues of this caliber. Now, during emergency, the shortcomings of the website of the INPS to the surface one after the other, making manifest the inadequacy of the work carried out in these years.