Apple has announced that it has acquired the popular app, the weather Dark Sky, so we can expect that in the future there are changes in the Weather app on iOS.

The designer, Parker Ortolani has not lost time and has created a concept that imagines how would be the Weather app of Apple ridisegnandola on the basis of a Dark Sky.

Dark Sky is known for providing detailed information on the forecasts of the time, with data updated to the minute, map, advanced, real-time notifications and more. The idea is to show how Apple can benefit from all these data with a new app about iOS.

Ortolani imagine a clean design without the colored backgrounds and animated introduced by Apple in 2013 with iOS 7. On the contrary, the Weather app will adapt automatically depending on the light or dark theme enabled on your system. The main view will show a weather forecast more detailed with a projection of precipitation in the graph, as well as a radar map with the data of temperature, precipitation and wind speed.

Another interesting feature is the notification system of the weather forecast, a very useful feature that will avoid users having to open the app constantly.

One thing to note is that the current Weather app is native to Apple is available only for iPhone and Apple Watch, while Dark Sky is also available for iPad. This acquisition could be the opportunity to make available the official app on more platforms like iPadOS, and even macOS, thanks to the technology Catalyst.

As there seems to be this concept? Would you like to see these features in the official app of the Apple with the next release of iOS 14?