Nubia has just introduced its new smartphone from gaming Red Magic 5G, but today’s news concerns the model that preceded it, and that is the Red Magic 3.

At the time of launch the company had announced that despite the device does not support natively the networks 5G, in the future, he would have been capable. How? With a dedicated accessory, among the many now that the manufacturers offer to accompany on the market, the smartphone from gaming (just think of those announced for the Red Magic 5G).

In the meantime, the months have passed, and the Red Magic 3 we have also reviewed, explaining how we have been convinced on the side gaming, yes, but less as a smartphone pure. Nubia in the meantime, as we know, has launched the Red Magic 5G, the first device able to exploit the networks of the last generation, and to some buyer of the Red Magic 3 has come the doubt that maybe that accessory is able to bring its smartphone in the era of 5G would never come.

And the news has received confirmation, in these days, when the customer support of Nubia questioned in this regard has indicated that there is currently a plan to sell the accessory in question due to “technical conditions restricted“. A formula is vague, suggests, however, that at this point, the device will never come. Nubia must have met technical difficulties and, with the passing of time and the approaching launch of the new flagship connectivity with 5G native, has decided to revise its plans.

However, since Red Magic 3 was advertised with the promise of 5G, Nubia could also lead to some legal problems in the event the user decides to submit an appeal. At the time, however, we don’t know: the only certainty is that 5G is exclusive to Red Magic 5G, it has also in the name.