LG V40 ThinQ will receive the update to Android 10 in the third quarter, as envisaged by the roadmap agreed at the end of January. It seems however that there be “good news” for owners of the smartphone: in the section of the site Korean LG, which has the material that developers can use for creating new custom ROMS are checked the kernel sources updated to Android 10.

A clue that would hope of an early release of the update, not only for the Korean market, but also for the versions marketed at the international level. At the time, however, the dates remain unchanged, except for new communications from the part of the manufacturer. The only advantage at the moment is for the developer community, which already now can start to work on the development of custom ROM up to date.

Here is the link for the download of the source code of the kernel:

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(updated-01 April 2020, at 08:42)