Although the calendar may suggest to the most optimistic something different, what happened in the last day, it’s all true: the debacle of the site (INPS) on the day of the bonus 600 euro, and the exposure of personal data a few hours later, with a pull of ears on the part of the Guarantor of Privacy, are not a massive and well-thought-out April fool’s joke. We would like to, however, here to concentrate the attention on another detail that has nothing to do with the down of the server for which we leave the explanations to the engineers and those responsible.

<br/>, brrr

As often happens in moments of crisis, it is sufficient to scratch the surface to discover what lies beneath an image of the facade. And that message, in the last hour stands out on the homepage of the Institute is nothing more than a fig leaf, too small to hide an embarrassment is too great.

It is not even easy to choose where to begin to comment on the story. Let’s do it by the warning that there is no reference to what the President INPS has defined a “hacker attack”, merely a “we’re working for you” for the occasion, with good peace of transparency.

Il messaggio sulla homepage del sito INPS

The devil, you know, it’s hidden in the details. And one must not go too deep to find them, to find signals of that embarrassment of a photographer to the perfection of the moment, the day, the crisis: just take a look at the page source.

Il codice sorgente della pagina temporanea che sostituisce la homepage del sito INPS

Not going to get him dance in the W3C or the tag is deprecated or those that are opened and never closed. We’ll pretend not to have seen apostrophes exceptionally promoted to the role of accents. However, we cannot remain indifferent to the <br>. Thrown there. Because the sentence is too long and you have to go to the head. So it reads well. Even on the phone. Great. In the center. Today the weather is cold. We shiver, right?