The offer is time limited and relates to the many devices on the line the Amazon Echo.

echo dot orologio

Echo Dot clock

Echo Dot clock has the same technology as the classic Dot, with the addition of an LED display is bright, which makes it the ideal complement to a bedside table or a shelf. The LED display adjusts automatically according to the brightness of the room, so you can easily see the time or the outdoor temperature, set an alarm or a timer for the pasta. In addition, you can tap the top of the device to snooze an alarm.

Now available for just 39.99€.

Amazon Echo Flex

echo flex

Echo Flex is a speaker to be connected directly to wall outlet and features a USB connector is useful to connect and charge a device such as a smartphone or any other accessory. The accessory is also modular, allowing the use of modules integral to the moment a night light and a motion sensor. Now on offer for only 24,99€.

Amazon Echo Dot

This Echo Dot is the device recommended for those who want to take advantage of all the features of Alexa, spending little and having available a good audio quality. You can take advantage of to bring the assistant Alexa, Amazon’s in every room, and then optimize large environments. Here is also available the same services for the music playback and the radio, even if the quality of the sound is clearly less powerful compared to the largest Echo. Missing here the HUB for home automation integrated, but there are bundles for purchase with Philips Hue or with a thermostat smart Netatmo.

Now on offer at 29,99€.

Echo Show 8

Echo Show 8

Echo Show 8 connects with Alexa for listening to any kind of information through a speaker of quality, but also with the ability to show images on a HD screen 8”. For example, you can follow the lyrics of a song on the display, view photos, check the weather and the traffic situation before leaving home, and much more.

Now on offer at 79,99€.

Echo Show 5

This Echo Show 5 features display , compact, cover-camera, and a button to turn off the microphone – for those who want to protect the privacy – and clearly a good audio setup speaker 4W. There is also the possibility to customize the product with different screens, depending on the area of the house where you use it. Of course, there are all the functions of the platform to Alexa.

Buy Echo Show 5 to $ 59.99 u.s.



Perhaps the best speaker Amazon Alexa for price/quality ratio, especially now that it is on offer at 69,99€.

Echo Plus

echo plus

Device from the high-quality audio, capable of make the Hub for the home smart, now on offer at 119,99€.