5 new important news of the new iPad Pro 2020

Apple launched the new iPad Pro a little over two weeks ago, with a design identical to the previous model and the same great display, but there are some important news.

It is incredibly fast

The iPad Pro last year was very powerful, able to quickly adjust the video in 4K, and apply an almost instant fixes to your photos.

Apple says that this latest model is even more powerful. The chip A12Z Bionic, with its GPU is eight-core and the powerful Neural Engine, offers the “highest performance ever on an iPad“. This is further enhanced fromLTE faster of 60%, from faster Wi-Fi and battery life of up to ten hours.

iPad Pro 2020

New cameras and microphones

The creative, or those who simply use an iPad to take photos and make video calls with friends, will appreciate the renewed system of cameras and microphones.

The new Pro has two cameras, one with 12 MP with wide angle lens and a 10 MP ultra-wide angle and 2x zoom to get a field of view much wider. These lenses, are not very different from what we find on the iPhone 11.

Regarding audio, the new tablet uses five microphones to record , which Apple defines as “studio quality“, which reportedly capture “a sound super clean and the details are more quiet.“

iPad Pro 2020

Scanner LiDAR

Apple continues to work on the AR, believing that thefusion of the real and the virtual is an important component of the modern computer. With the new scanner, or LiDAR, the iPad Pro, the tablet is capable of measuring instantaneously the distance from surrounding objects up to five metres away.

This means that the app ARKit get a placement AR instant, a better motion capture and better occlusion of the people. Apple hopes that this “rage scenarios never possible before in-app and games. In the meantime, has improved the app Measure, which now offers some advantages when you measure people and objects.

Scanner LiDAR

New Magic Keyboard

The most discussed of the new iPad Pro is not part of the device itself. It is the accessory Magic Keyboard, which for the first time has a trackpad that transforms effectively the iPad Pro into a laptop replacement the complete. The same pad has a design that is just a click away and works in conjunction with iPadOS 13.4 for controls, and much more.

The software will integrate the trackpad on the normal operation of the touchscreen of the iPad. Apple says that the trackpad will work well for switching between open apps, change activity, complex and operations touch difficult as the selection of text. The cursor will highlight the areas on the screen where the click works well, so that you know how to use it better. All the apps of Apple will work with the trackpad, from Safari to your app, iWork, and also most of the third-party app will work without problems. Apple has released an API for developers, so that they can also introduce you to special features for the trackpad in their own app.

Magic Keyboard


The price of the iPad Pro to be 11 is part from 899,00€ in the version Wi-Fi only 128GB until you get to 1619,00€ in the version with a 1TB Wi-Fi Cellular. The price of the iPad Pro the 12.9′ from 1119,00€ in the version Wi-Fi only 128GB until you get to 1839,00€ in the version with a 1TB Wi-Fi Cellular.