Continue to series entries thwarted on the production of the iPhone 12. According to Reuters, some of the major vendors feel they fail to meet the orders requested by Apple, seen that the production in recent months has decreased by 18% because of problems related to the epidemic of the coronavirus.

iphone 12

The main issue concerns the question of the users, that with the first iPhone 5G may be even higher than in past years. The suppliers may then not be able to meet the demands of Apple, and for this the company would be deciding to delay a few weeks after the launch of the new iPhone 12.

For example, a major supplier of the display was to deliver 70 million units to Apple, but it has managed to produce only 58 million units. The source, however, adds that this news does not necessarily lead to a delay in the launch of the next iPhone, given that in the coming months, production is expected to increase week after week.

The reality is that, today, the situation is still unclear and it is likely that Apple has not taken any decision. This means that, for now, there are no delays and the iPhone 12 will be launched between the end of September and beginning of October, but in the next few weeks the situation may change.