At the beginning of the week Samsung had closed one manufacturing plant in Brazil. Today has also closed the second. The reason, of course, is always one: thehealth emergency that has invested all over the world, and the need to protect the health of their employees.

According to the latest reports, the plant in Campinas, near são Paulo, will not reopen before two weeks, and will therefore remain closed from next Monday and until 12 April. Initially the company had decided to suspend production from Tuesday until Sunday, but then returned on his steps and has decided to extend the duration of the block.

In addition, Samsung has also announced that he had ordered the closure of all its retail stores in Brazil (which are 300), and having asked its employees to work from home. Of course, this is not of the first measures taken by the Samsung (or other manufacturers) in response to the epidemic by COVID-19, nor, unfortunately, we can assume that will be the last: the company in recent months has had to close factories in India (as done recently by Apple), Hungary, Slovakia, the United States, as well as stores in China, Canada, Malaysia and new United States.

And as we know the effects of this crisis are not only intended to slow down the production, but also to decrease sales, as attested to by the first market report on the new S20, which have made record results in decreaseof 40% lower than those scored by the Galaxy S10 a year ago.

Samsung, in a first moment, between the producers was one of the ones that had the better absorbed the blow, due to the fact that a large part of its production facilities are located outside of China. With the spread of the pandemic problems, however, have also arrived for the Korean giant. Home gave 24.6 million dollars to support health care facilities, as well as providing support to other brands (crucial) production of masks in health care.