Europol launches the alarm: in the era of Coronavirus, the cybercriminals have found new large margins of action , and new weaknesses to hit, raising a lot of their activities and thus creating a greater danger globally. the case of targeted attacks, which will soon have intercepted the weak points of the company during this global challenge: the search for health care goods and services, the less mobility, the most telework, the limitation of social contacts and other aspects have led to a new situation (sometimes panic) on which the bad guys have a good game to act quickly and with increased effectiveness.

Europol: scams on the rise

Examples of cybercrime are lived, for example, repeatedly in the world hospital in the last days, when advantage was taken of the haste and situations of emergency approaches (which have often led operators to act with less caution, opening mail of dubious origin and managing passwords with less care) to find a breach and cause malaugurati blocks in the computing systems of health care. The case of criminal actions highly irresponsible that, in addition to the direct damage, cause problems also, and especially, at the level of the community.

Vertical increase in phishing, above all, ideally identified as the best strategy of the offense at this stage of confusion. The increase In the scams of old-fashioned, with Europol, which signals, for example, an order from 6.6 million dollars in masks FFP3 and gel, disinfectant, never arrived at the destination (the case happened to a company with headquarters in Singapore); a strong increase, in addition, trade in counterfeit goods, which is particularly dangerous when on the ball, there are masks and protections which should ensure that health care personnel or persons operating in areas of particular sensitivity and exposure.

The report overall is available on the website Europol (pdf).

Covid-19 CTI League

Only negative news? Fortunately, no. From the Uk comes in fact, the communication of the birth of the Covid-19 CTI League, a group of 400 volunteers from 40 countries and is ready to put at disposal its experience in the field of cyber security. In front of the forces of evil, in short, here is the emergence of the forces of good. While collide in this battle between cops and robbers, the health will need to attempt to do the first work to save lives and try to find a solution to the virus.

But in the face of so many problems that are so real, the world has absolutely no need to do without digital threats and serve as a new and yet another obstacle.