The stop development of Google Chrome and ChromeOS (except for security updates) lasted very little, just the time is because the developers of Mountain View have the time to arrange to work from home, we imagine. The company said that the new build software in the test channels (Beta, Canary, Dev) have already arrived or will arrive by the end of the week.

With regard to the stable channel, Chrome 81 will be distributed in the first week of April; then, Google has deleted the all theor the development of version 82, because of the stop in the work, and then you will be taken directly to the version 83. Will arrive three weeks earlier than initially planned: approximately mid-may.

Of course it will include all the changes to be made so far for version 82. For Chrome 84, however, there are still no precise details: they will be discussed later. Recall that for Chrome OS the times are substantially the same, but deferred a week.

Google ends its press release indicating that it will continue to monitor with great attention to aspects such as stability, reliability, and security. Remember that the decisions of Google Chrome have an impact also on other browsers, including Microsoft Edge, and Work, based on his own source code.