Due to the fact that the vast majority of us tap to stay at home due to quarantine by coronavirus, it is to deceive a little time with a nice game, don’t you think? With the quarantining of the United States, among other things, are increasing a little bit the special events and discounts on various digital platforms.

You do not need to spend astronomical figures for the last triple-A for a fun time. We have collected some of the most interesting offers, also trying to filter them based on quality and the personal experience of editors with various titles; we’ll update the article with the passage of time.

Try to focus on the digital download because the ecommerce start to lag, and the games may arrive when it will not be needed. Its immediacy is the key to the reading of this selection: it doesn’t matter if the offer is not fresh or has already repeated in the past, when the best time is now.

NOTE: most of the links to version of PC games, but in almost all cases, the offers are replicated with figures very similar on the PS4 and Xbox One (except exclusives, of course). We will work more in depth on the Switch and the other console in the next few hours.

  • Avalanche Studios is discounting heavily the vast majority of its games on Steam. Games like RAGE 2 (review), Just Cause 4 Complete Edition and Generation Zero you can buy for€ 20 each or less. For those who want to catch up with the franchise Just Cause the titles are older they cost 2-3 euros each, as well as Mad Max, it was nothing bad, not even he. The Hunter Call of the Wild you can play for free for the whole weekend.
  • For those who want to play with the whole family (maybe distant), Monopoly Plus, the official game, is discounted by 60%, from 15 to 6€. Also ONE is discounted by 70%, from 10 to 3€. Both offers are on Steam, here and here.
  • You can also play different board games, both traditional and not, directly via the internet: we made a guide dedicated for those as well.
  • Seen that mentioned a couple of days ago that the sport gives to video games, and just today it turns out that Valentino Rossi will challenge Marquez joypad to hand, we point out that for PC F1 2019 is 16.50€ and Football Manager 2020 you can play for free for the next 6 days. Both offers are on Steam, here and here.
  • If you prefer soiling a little, ahem, wheels, instead, the Dirt Rally 2.0 is a discount of 60% for€ 14; the GOTY takes home with 27,50€. If you want to exaggerate, there is the bundle with the Dirt Rally, Dirt 4 and Dirt Rally 2.0 (no GOTY) a 24,72€.
  • The Witcher is one of the franchises most famous and popular of the last few years, and thanks also to the series, Netflix is experiencing a period of second youth; but how many of them are approached in the third chapter, The Wild Hunt, and have ventilated the hypothesis of even playing the first two, just to understand some more information on the characters? The time is favourable, thanks to the offerings on Steam and on GOG: cost € 1 and€ 3 each, and in both cases it is the Enhanced Edition. If you are missing even the Wild Hunt, there are no more excuses. The GOTY for€15.
  • For anyone who is fascinated by the Gwent, the card game of the Wild Hunt, there is another piece of good news: Thronebreaker, RPG, single player, in which battles take place with a revised version, the correct and widely expanded card game of the Wild Hunt, is in 50% discount. 10€ instead of 20. Gameplay aside, the game is well-kept, even if it is not a triple-A, long-lived, well-acted and has a fascinating history.
  • Also Square Enix is conducting a promotion rather massive and in some of its securities; in particular, the Shadow and Rise of the Tomb Raider are 19 and 9€ each. Prices micro also two Deus Ex Mankind Divided, and Human Revolution. Here is the Steam store page of the promotion.
  • On GOG you can play for free in an avalanche of indie games, including POSTAL, Shadow Warrior Classic and the fantastic and hilarious point and click adventure game Flight of the Amazon Queen. If you feel nostalgic, this is the promo that suits your needs.
  • Ghost Recon: Breakpoint you can play completely for free from tomorrow, 26 march, until the 29th. On PS4 and on PC the game is super discounted at 70%, then it costs a few cents less than $ 20 instead of the full price of 70, -€. The discount should also arrive on the Xbox One, but at the time of writing the article is not yet active. All the details here.
  • Ubisoft makes it completely free Child of Light from the 24th to the 28th of march; those who “buy” in this period if they will be able to keep forever. Need Uplay. On the weekend, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey you can play for free (but then you have to pay for it, even though it is super discounted up to 67% on PC, Xbox One and PS4. There are several other promo active on the website of Ubisoft. Then if you are convinced that we have still a nice piece and want to do insanity, you can bring home the beauty of 11 Assassin’s Creed to 133€. About 11€ for one, not bad, no?
  • Until tomorrow are 100% free and always Watch Dogs and The Stanley Parable on the Epic Games Store. You can find them by clicking here and here.
  • If you are a fan of MMORPG, remember that World of Warcraft experience points are doubled until 20 April.