Ends the wait: the game of thrones – Beyond the wall” is officially available on the App Store, for both iPhone and iPad.

Il Trono di Spade - Oltre la Barriera

A good 48 years before the events narrated in the TV series de The iron Throne, the Lord Commander Brynden Rivers, better known as the “Raven of Blood”, disappeared while avventurava beyond the Barrier. For this, now you have to command the night’s watch.

oltre la barriera iphone

In the game, you can recruit new guardians and from the Seven Kingdoms to build your team and defend the Barrier. You can also use the ancient magic of the trees-the dam and the view of the green to collect all the versions with different costumes of heroes like Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Jaime Lannister, Melisandre, or Tormund Poison of the Giants. Each character will have its specific skills in the tactical combat PvP.

To defeat the enemy you’ll need to venture beyond the Barrier, initially by sending your crows away to unlock and upgrade objects, tactics, and skills, so as to make stronger your team, the Guardians of the night. We will explore the Enchanted Forest in Raids of Weirwood to the research of ancient knowledge and you’ll start to control the sides where you’ll be leading the group of heroes to stand up to the dangers of the Fiumelatte.

You can also create your the Guardians of the night by sending recruits with special skills in tailor-made expeditions in search of rare resources, and participate in special legendary events to recruit familiar faces, and fill power your codex. With only one goal: to defend the Barrier from the constant attacks of the Wildlings and protect the domains of men.

Among the characters that you can recruit, you’ll have Archers from the Lands of the West, a Villain from King’s Landing, the Lancers from Dorne and the Warriors of exotic by the Free Cities. You need to be good at creating combinations of teams to win the individual battles, arranged in a classic grid system, optimized for the iPhone and iPad. The strategy is all about.

You will be the successor of the Raven of Blood as the new Lord Commander and follow his steps in the dark mysteries that lie beyond the Barrier. You will also encounter new characters, such as the First Ranger Alvar Spyre and Mayla the witch of the woods, in the middle of the campaign complete

You can download and play for free at The Throne of Swords – Beyond-the-wall, but inside the app there are some elements of the game for a fee.