The technical features of the Xbox Series X are now known for a long time, and you can see them in comparison with those of PS5 -however, this does not mean that Microsoft have revealed every secret of its next console; quite the opposite. There are in fact different aspects of the architecture of the hardware – obviously – not made public by the company, but it seems that in the case of Series X, this can occur through a source totally unexpected.

AMD has in fact confirmed to have suffered a hacker attack in which it was stolen the source code to some, and the next GPU, including many details of the graphics hardware of the Xbox Series X. The news emerges only now, but the attack occurred towards the end of 2019. AMD claims he was contacted in December by an individual who claimed to have obtained the relevant code to the GPU currently in production and those of the future, including the source code of the Ships.

At the time part of that code was shared on the network, but AMD managed to remove it promptly (especially the one published on GitHub), as it was confirmed the presence of sensitive information related to the Vessels 10, the Vessels 21 and the GPU Arden (code name of the one used on the Series X), however it seems that now the responsible for the attack is ready to share new details.

In fact, it seems that the hacker in question has decided to sell all of the material stolen , or, if it fails in the undertaking, to make it public. AMD seems to not give too much weight to the issue, as it does not consider that the attacker has the code crucial to the safety of its next GPU, however, admits he does not know if these are in possession of other information relating to other AMD products.