Sometimes it’s not just an official presentation to know all the characteristics of a new device. And’ the case of the Sony Xperia 1II, at a distance of a month from the event stream in which it was announced to the public still had some “secret”- specifically, these are some details about the camera and the internal storage.

The camera compartment is one of the strong points of the device, and was analyzed in detail in the presentation: it is the first device in the world to offer thel tracking brut AF/AE to 20fps, the calculation of continuous AF/AE 60 times per second, and the Real-time Eye AF, for both people and animals, which takes advantage of the recognition based on artificial intelligence to detect and process the visual data in real time, providing results in increased in terms of accuracy, the speed and performance of focus.

With regard to lenses, instead, we have some more information: two are produced directly from Sony, and two from Samsung. In particular, the main 12 MP 24mm f/1.7 is a Sony sensor IMX557, and the ultra-wide-angle 12 MP 16mm f/2.2 is a Sony IMX63.

The telephoto lens 12 MP 70 mm f/2.4 sensor has a Samsung ISOCELL S5K3T so how is Korean society the selfie front camera 8 MP 24mm f/2.0 is a sensor S5K4H7.

Among all these, there is one element that seems unique to this Xperia 1 II, that is, the sensor main IMX557, which is unpublished and should be similar to the one mounted on Galaxy S20 and S20+ Samsung.

Regarding the internal storage, the indication that emerges from Androbench is that it is equipped with a memory type UFS 3.0. And then very fast for both reading and writing.

When it comes out in Italy? At the moment noon, we still have precise directions, but it is assumed it can get on the market between April and may (together with the entry-level Xperia L4, maybe), while about the price we know that the one announced for Germany is 1.199 euro.