With more and more companies and professionals forced to resort to the formula of smart working in order to remain operational during the emergency coronavirus as offered by the initiative for Solidarity Digital can come in handy: there is also the proposal of the Italian Join Conferencing.

Solidarity Digital: Join Conferencing

The company, based in Rome, offers a cloud-based service for meetings audio and video conferencing accessible free of charge for a month by the companies and professionals who request it by filling out a form on the official website. There are no limits in the use, except for the duration of each conference (maximum of 40 minutes) and in the number of participants (up to 100).

Solidarity Digital: all services available

All of the other resources that are part of a package of Solidarity Digital directed at individuals and companies are to be found on the portal that the Agency for digital Italy and the ministry for the technological Innovation and the Digitization updating daily.