Samsung has announced the stop of all the activities at the production facility of the TV is located in Hungary. The measure, which will enter actually into force from 27 march 2020, following a short time thesimilar provision already in place for another plant in Slovakia, also operating in the production of televisions. The Korean giant does not have, therefore, establishments that are currently operating on the european territory with the exception of the one present in Poland for home appliances.

Of course, the stop is linked to the pandemic of Covid-19 currently in phase of acceleration in the around the world. It is not surprising then that the lock just announced both at the moment without a date for the resumption of work. Is rest likely that other plants will be stopped in the near future in other Countries.

The consequences of a global health emergency and will be effective for all producers. The reflections on the TV market have already begun to manifest itself, and according to analysts, there will be various consequences, including availability, uncertain and prices are likely to increase. All agree in predicting a sharp drop in sales caused by the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics and the european football Championship, very important events that normally increase demand for televisions among consumers.