We used to talk periodically of processors, top of the range, obviously, with the rumor that intensifies cyclically on the new versions at the end of the year. The 2020 has already shown how the Snapdragon 865 a chipset that is truly complete and is able to offer not only excellent performance under stress, but also a fund networks unique and excellent autonomy.

Today, however, we anticipate information on the Snapdragon 875, the successor of the current” proposition of high-end Qualcomm that could debut already at the end of December on some smartphones. It would be a “doubling” compared to the traditional launch of the annual and, although at the time the information is very few, what we can imagine is that the acceleration in the development is justified by the needs of the business on the part of the producers.

As we revealed last year, the TOP of the range 2020 are expected to be more expensive, 20:9, 5G and larger in size due to some physical problems related to the higher number of antennas required for the 5G, and the increase of the capacity of the batteries to offset the higher consumption.

The chipset S865 is also great, physically larger of 855 and, therefore, it needs more space inside the motherboard (and has a separate modem). This results in a flooding or elongation of the products that we use and in 2020 to find a top of the range under 180 grams and less than 6.5 inches is becoming more and more complicated.
With the new Snapdragon 875, Qualcomm may be able to significantly decrease the size of the chipset by integrating a series of elements, today, outside, inside a smaller area. In particular, we speak of the component, modem, separate on S865, in the next generation could be integrated within the same SoC thus reducing both the size and the fuel consumption, thanks to a production process to 5nm, and more efficient.

Qualcomm is accelerating on the department connectivity, being able to integrate the new system with smaller antennas and efficient to a compatibility with the networks, 5G is still greater. The current modem X55 has been a huge improvement compared to the previous X50, and we expect that the new X60 (name at the time not sure) may be able to offer the widest compatibility and networks and the support 5G Dual SIM full today missing or not complete on the entire series of processors S865.

However, with regard to performance, does not currently have terms of comparison; it is clear, however, that it will be “faster, more powerful and lower consumption” of previous generations. With the Snapdragon 875, which will be presented probably in November 2020, with a debut possible on the market already in December, we may witness a return to the smartphone of the size nearest to 6 inches , thanks to the optimization of energy use and dimensional with respect to the present proposition of the company.

Information still has to be checked very early, but we wanted to still share waiting for the first rumor and appearances in the network model code Snapdragon 875.